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Q: Whats the diffrence between a french women and as basketball team?

A: The basketball team showers after 4 periods.

A fellow was visiting the Vatican and became separated from his tour group. After wandering for awhile, he needed to relieve himself. He finally found a bathroom and wandered in. You can imagine his surprise to discover the Pope sitting on the toilet masturbating. Figuring that this was an attraction few tourists ever saw, he snapped a couple of pictures. The Pope managed to recover his composure and offered the fellow $10,000 for the camera. The fellow decide to take him up on the offer and an exchange was arranged.

The camera was a pretty nice unit, so after disposing of the film, the Pope decided he would use it on his world travels. One day while visiting a foreign country, a faithful follower noticed the Pope’s camera and remarked that it was quite a unit. He then asked, “How much did you pay for it?”

“Ten thousand dollars.”

“Wow, the guy who sold you that must have seen you coming!”

Q: What did the blonde do when she locked her keys in her car?
A: She had to break a window to get out!

An elderly and somewhat hard-of-hearing man was sitting in a stylish downtown attorney’s office as his lawyer handed him his will. “Your estate is very complex,” said the lawyer, “but I’ve made sure that all of your wishes will be executed. Due to the complexity, my fee is $4500.”

Just then, the phone rang and the lawyer got involved with a long call. Thinking the lawyer had said “$500,” the old man wrote out his check and left.

When she got off the phone and realized the old man’s mistake, the lawyer ran after him down the stairs and into the parking lot just as he drove away. Feeling frustrated, the lawyer looked at the check and decided to accept the situation philosophically. “Oh well,” she said to herself, “$500 for half an hour’s work isn’t bad.”

A young man was staying on a farm with his uncle and aunt for the summer.
One morning the aunt and uncle walked in the kitchen and the young man was
drinking an extremely large glass of milk. The young man said “I took
the liberty of milking your cow this morning!” He then continues and says
“it took me a while to get her started up. She must be old and stubbly.”
The uncle says with a confused look ” Um son we don’t have a cow…We have
a bull!”

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