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Blonde secretary’s memo to her boss:

TO: My Boss
FROM: Blondie
SUBJECT: Changing Calendars For Y2K

I hope that I haven’t misunderstood your instructions because, to be honest, none of this Y to K problem made much sense to me. At any rate, I have finished the conversion of all of the months on all the company calendars for you. The calendars have returned from the printer and are ready to be distributed with the following new months:


I also changed all the days of each week to:


We are now Y to K compliant.
Your loyal secretary!

AUG. 12 Moved to our new home in Ohio. It is so beautiful here. The
hills are so majestic. I can hardly wait to see them with snow covering
them. I love it here.

OCT. 14 Ohio is the most beautiful place on Earth. The leaves are turned
all the colors and shades of red and orange. Went for a ride through the
beautiful hills and saw some deer. They are so graceful, certainly they
are the most wonderful animal on Earth. This must be paradise. I love it

NOV. 11 Deer season will start soon. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to
kill such a gorgeous creature. Hope it will snow soon, I love it here.

DEC. 2 It snowed last night. Woke up to find everything blanketed in
white. It looks like a postcard. We went outside and cleaned the snow off
the steps and shoveled the driveway. We had a snowball fight (I won), and
when the snowplow came by, we had to shovel the driveway again. What a
beautiful place. I love Ohio.

DEC. 12 More snow last night. I love it. The snowplow did his trick
again to the driveway. I love it here.

DEC. 19 More snow last night. Couldn’t get out of the driveway to get to
work. I am exhausted from shoveling. Fucking snowplow.

DEC. 22 More of that white shit fell last night. I’ve got blisters on my
hands from shoveling. I think the snowplow hides around the corner and
waits till I’m done shoveling. Asshole.

DEC. 25 Merry Fucking Christmas! More friggen snow. If I ever get my
hands on that sonofabitch who drives that snowplow, I swear I’ll kill the
bastard. Don’t know why they don’t use more salt on the roads to melt the
fucking ice.

DEC. 27 More of that White Shit last night. Been inside for 3 days except
for shoveling out the driveway after that snowplow goes through every time.
Can’t go anywhere, cars stuck in a mountain of that White Shit. The
weatherman says to expect another 10″ of the shit again tonight. Do you
know how many shovels full 10″ of snow is?

DEC. 28 The fucking weatherman was Wrong. We got 34″ of that white shit
this time. At this rate it won’t melt before the middle of next summer.
The snowplow got stuck up the road and that bastard came to the door and
asked to borrow my shovel. After I told him I had broken six shovels
already shovelling the white shit he pushed into my driveway, I broke my
last one right over his Fuckin’ Head!

JAN. 4 Finally got out of the house today. Went to the store to get food
and on the way back damned deer ran out in front of the car and I hit it.
Did about $3000.00 worth of damage to the car. Those fucking beasts should
be killed. Wished the hunters had got them all last November.

MAY 3 Took the car to the garage in town. Would you believe the
motherfucker is rusting out from all the goddamn salt they put on the

MAY 10 Moved to Florida. I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind
wanting to live in the God-forsaken state of Ohio.

Men come in three sizes:

Small, medium, and Oh My God!!!

NO ZAMBODIANS, PLEASE: Judge Rules Out Prince Mongo’s Costume

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A judge has ruled that a defendant can’t show up for trial wearing fur, bones, goggles and pale green body paint, even if he is from the planet Zambodia.

But an attorney for the man who calls himself Prince Mongo wants to make a federal case out of his client’s 10-day jail sentence for contempt of court. Slug PM-Prince Mongo. New, may stand. Federal court hearing starts at 1 p.m. EDT.

I once wrote a book called How to Keep an Idiot Entertained for Hours. It
went like this: To keep an idiot entertained for hours, read the next
sentence. To keep an idiot entertained for hours, read the previous
sentence.” It didn’t sell very well. I thought with the short attention
span of people these days it may have been too long, so I rewrote it. The
2nd edition went: “To keep an idiot busy for hours, re-read this sentence.”
It’s doing pretty good. I have a deal for the sequel. The 3rd edition is
going to go: “Re-read this line.” Now, if I could just find the time to
write it.

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