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What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling
your name?
You didn’t hold the pillow down long enough.

Once the club duffer challenged the local golf pro to a match, with a
$100 bet on the side. “But,” said the duffer, “since you’re obviously
much better than I, to even it a bit you have to spot me two’gotchas’.”
The golf pro didn’t know what a ‘gotcha’ was, but he went along with it.
And off they went. Coming back to the 19th hole, the rest of the club members
were amazed to see the golf pro paying the duffer $100.
“What happened?” asked one of the members. “Well,” said the pro, “I was teeing
up for the first hole, and as I brought the club down, the jerk stuck his hand
between my legs and grabbed my balls while yelling ‘Gotcha!’ Have you ever
tried to play 18 holes of golf waiting for the second ‘gotcha’?”

So there is this guy named Bubba who lives in the South who is totally racist. He hates everyone of ethnic background so much that when ever he sees anyone of color walking down the street he runs them over with his truck.
One day Bubba’s wife invites the town preacher over for dinner and Bubba has to pick the preacher up and drive him to Bubba’s house. Sure enough there is a black guy walking on the side of the road hitch hiking.
Bubba cannot control his urge to hit the guy so he thinks to himself “If I pretend to pass out I can swerve over and hit the guy and the preacher will be none the wiser”. So Bubba pretends to pass out and swerves over, after he hears a thump he pretends to wake up. He says to the preacher “Please tell me I didn’t hit that hitchhiker”.
The preacher turns to Bubba and says “No son, but I got him with the door.”

Did you hear about the blonde who…
had more on her body than on her mind?
was called “Sanka” because she had no active ingredient in the bean?
took an hour to cook Minute Rice?
got into the taxi, and the driver kept the “Vacant” sign up?
was an M. D. – Mentally Deficient?
had a terrific stairway, but nothing upstairs?
thought nitrates was cheaper than day rates?
was told she was a silly puss, but insisted she didn’t have a crazy cat?
after watching the ballerinas, wondered why they didn’t get taller girls?
went to a nudist camp for a game of strip poker?
brought her cosmetics with her for a make-up exam?

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