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A guy walks into Petco, he goes into the bird area he finds a bird he wants to buy, so the guy bought the bird.
He took the bird home, and named the bird Chest.
The guy went back to Petco with his bird, a man sees the bird, so the man asks the guy if the bird can do any tricks?
The guy says, “yes would you like to see some of his tricks?”
The man says “yes,” so the guy took his lighter and put it under the birds left foot, the bird sings “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”
The man said “wow thats neat,” so the guy said “do you want to see something really neat?”
the man says “sure.”
So the guy took the lighter and put it under the birds right foot.
The bird sang “Roudolph the Red Nose Raindeer.”
The man said “that is really really neat.”
The guy said “you want to see something really really really neat?”
The man said “sure.”
So the guy took his lighter and put it between the birds two feet and the bird sang “Chest’s nuts roasting on an open fire.”

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