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Ask the following to a Blonde to
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Ask the following to a Blonde to see if she is a DUMB BLONDE or a smart blonde…yeah right…
1.Who do want to be most like in life: A.Vanna White B.Michelle Fiefer C.Britney Spears E.None of the Above
2.In a game of Hide-And-Go Seek, do you: A.Run when you see the seeker B.Stay hiding until the seeker finds you C.Run when the seeker sees you E.Follow the seeker quietly
3.What happens when you get Alzheimers Disease A.You loose alot of weight B.Gain weight C.Get really smart D.Loose your memory
4.How do you kill a bird: A.Hit it B.Throw it off a building C.Cook it D.All of the above
5.What’s an important question about pregnancy A.Is it mine B.How far along am I C.Is it a boy or girl D.What hospital should I go to for delivery
Don’t read them this part:
A=5pts. B=3pts. C=2pts. D=1pt.
A=4 B=5 C=2 D=3
A=4 B=3 C=5 D=1
A=3 B=5 C=4 D=1
A=5 B=1 C=3 D=2
TOTAL: 20 =Official Dumb Blonde; 15-19=Pretty Dumb; 10-14=Not Bad; 9-Smart for a Blonde

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