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A Mexican, an American, and a Pollock are all in an airplane Flying over Mexico.
The Mexican drops a pear on his country.
When the American asks why he says he loves his country.
Then they’re flying over the US and the American drops an apple.
When the Pollock asks why he says because he loves his country.
Then they’re flying over the Pollock’s country and the Pollock drops a bomb.
When the American and the Mexican ask why he says because he hates his country.
A while later the Mexican is walking the streets and he sees a boy who is crying.
He asks why and the boy says because a pear fell out of the sky and hit him on the head.
The American is walking the streets and he sees a little girl crying.
When he asks her why she says because an apple fell out of the sky and hit her on the head.
The Pollock is walking the streets and he comes to a man that is laughing.
When he asks him why the man says, “Because I farted and the building behind me blew up!”

An English guy is driving with a Polish guy as his passenger, when he decides to pull over because he suspect that his turn signal may not be working.
He asks the Polish guy if he doesn’t mind stepping out of the car to check the lights while he tests them. The Polish guy steps out and stands in front of the car.
The English guy turns on the turn signal and asks, “Is it working?”
To which the Polish guy responds, “Yes, it’s working….No, it’s not working….Yes, it’s working….No, it’s not working….”

A man in a state of excessive inebriation rolled up at a
fairground rifle range booth and threw down the necessary
money. The booth operator at first refused to let him have a
turn, considering that his inebriated state would endanger the
public. But the drunk insisted and was given a gun.

He aimed unsteadily in the general direction of the target and
after tying to focus, pulled the trigger three times. The booth
owner, on inspecting the target, was astonished to see that he
had scored three bullseyes. The star prize for the evening was
a large set of glassware, but the showman was certain that the
drunk wasn’t aware of what he had done, and gave him instead
a consolation prize, a small, live turtle. The drunk wandered
off into the crowd.

An hour or so later he came back, even more drunk than
before. Once again the showman demurred, but once again the
drunk insisted, and once more scored three bullseyes and was
given another turtle.

Eventually the drunk rolled up again and insisted on a third
attempt. Once more he picked up the rifle, waved it around in
the general direction of the target, and pulled the trigger three
times. Once more he had scored three bullseyes. But this time
there was an onlooker with good eyesight.”That’s fantastic”, the
man said. “Hasn’t he scored three bulls?”

The showman, cursing his luck, made a show of going over to
the target and inspecting it closely.

“Yes, sir!”, he announced to the crowd. “This is fantastic!
Congratulations, sir, you have won the star prize, this
magnificent 68-piece set of glassware!”

“I don’t want any bloody glasses”, the drunk replied. “Give me
another one of those little crusty meat pies!”

A straight guy and a gay are in the men’s room and the straight guy has
his shirt unbuttoned exposing a heavy coat of chest hair. The gay asked
how he came to have so much hair on his chest. He said, “I put Vaseline
on it every night.” That night the gay put Vaseline on his chest and went
to bed. His partner George said, “What in the hell is that?” “It’s to grow
hair.” he replied. “Bull shit!” said George. “If Vaseline grew hair… I’d
have tail a mile long!

“Darling,” she whispered after they had finished making love, “Will you still make love like that to me after we’re married ?”
He considered this for a moment, and then replied, “I think so.
I’ve always been especially fond of married women.”

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