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Lewis has a big pimple in the middle of his forehead. A big, huge pimple, and it won’t go away. So he goes to the doctor.

The doctor examines him and says, “Oh my! You’ve got a penis growing out of the middle of your forehead!”

Lewis says, “Oh, no, Doc! What can you do?”

The doctor says, “Don’t worry. Once it’s fully grown, we can remove it completely.”

Lewis says, “What do you mean, FULLY GROWN?! Doc, I can’t spend years and years staring at that thing, waiting for it to grow!”

The doctor says, “Well, you won’t have to stare at it for long. Pretty soon, the balls will cover your eyes.”

1. Not spending enough quality time with the kitchen applicances.

2. Came dressed in only a towel…again.

3. Ran out of paper clips.

4. I’ve decided to telecommute.

5. Ambassador to Belgium is at the White House.

6. It’s a long drive home to Texas.

7. One-day sale at Macy’s.

8. My brain is melting!

9. I think they found me out…

10. Accidently erased the whole week’s work off the computer disk.

97 year old man comes to his doctor looking depressed.
He says “Doc, I think I’m impotent.” Doctor sits him
down and begins the standard speech he gives to senior
citizens, about how as the body ages bodily functions
slow down and it is completely normal to suffer some
decrease in sexual desire. How the man shouldn’t worry
or become upset about it, but should just relax and
things will probably be completely fine and blah blah
blah. Finally the doctor asks “When did you first
begin to think you were impotent?”

“Three times last night, and again this morning.”

A couple hobbled into a Washington emergency room covered in bloody
restaurant towels. The man had his around his waist, and the woman
had hers around her head. They eventually explained to doctors that
they had gone out that evening for a romantic dinner. Overcome with
passion, the woman crept under the table to administer oral sex to
the man. While in the act, she had an epileptic fit, which caused her
to clamp
down on the man’s member and wrench it from side to side. In agony
and desperation, the man grabbed a fork and stabbed her in the head
until she let go.

Little Johnny and Susie, each five years old, were playing house.
They both decided it was time to get married.
So Little Johnny went to Susie’s dad to ask for her hand in marriage.
“Where will you live?” asked Susie’s dad, thinking this was cute.
“Well,” said Little Johnny, “I figured I could just move into Susie’s room. It’s plenty big for both of us.”
“And how will you live?”
“I get $5 a week allowance and Susie gets $5 a week allowance.
That should be enough.”
Getting exasperated since Little Johnny seems to know all the answers,
Susie’s dad asked, “And what if little ones come along?”
“Well,” said Little Johnny, “we’ve been lucky so far!”

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