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Q: Which England player keeps up the fuel supply?
A: Paul gas coin!

A recent Scottish immigrant to the U.S. attended his first baseball game. After a base hit, he heard the fans roaring, “Run…run!”

The next batter connected heavily with the ball and the Scotsman stood up and roared with the crowd in his thick accent, “R-r-r-un yah bahstard. R-r-run!”

A third batter slammed a hit and again the Scotsman, obviously pleased with his knowledge of the game, screamed, “R-r-r-un ya bahstard, r-r-run will ya.”

The next batter’s count went to three and two. As the next pitch went outside the plate, he held his swing. The umpire called a walk and the Scotsman stood up yelling, “R-r-r-un ya bahstard, r-r-run!”

All the surrounding fans giggled quietly and he sat down, confused. A friendly fan, sensing his embarrassment, whispered, “He didn’t have to run, he’s got four balls.”

After this explanation the Scotsman stood up in disbelief and screamed, “Walk PR-R-ROUD, man! Walk Proud!”

A fellow has a week off and decides to play a round of golf every
day. First thing Monday morning, he sets off on his first round
and soon catches up to the person in front. He sees that this is
a woman and, as he catches up to her on a par 3, that, in fact,
she’s very attractive. He’s interested and suggests that they
play the rest of the round together. She agrees and a very close
match ensues. She turns out also to be a very talented golfer
and she wins their little competition on the last hole.

He congratulates her in the car park then offers to give her a lift
when he sees she doesn’t have a car. All in all it’s been a highly
enjoyable morning.

On the way to her place, she thanks him for the morning’s
company and competition and says she hasn’t enjoyed herself
so much on the course for a long time. “In fact,” she says, “I’d
like you to pull over so I can show you how much I appreciated
everything.” He pulls over, they kiss and she shows him her

The next morning he spies her at the first tee and suggests
they play together again. He’s actually quite competitive and
slightly peeved that she beat him the previous day. Again they
have a magnificent day, enjoying each other’s company and
playing a tight, competitive round of golf. Again she pips him at
the last, again he drives her home and again she shows her

This goes on all week, with her beating him narrowly every day.
This is a sore point for his male ego but, nevertheless, in the
car home from their Friday afternoon round, he tells her that he
has had such a fine week that he has a surprise planned: dinner
for two at a fancy candle-lit restaurant followed by a night of
passion in the penthouse apartment of a posh hotel.

Surprisingly, she bursts into tears and says she can’t agree to
this. He can’t work out what the fuss is about but eventually she
admits the reason.

“You see,” she tearfully sobs, “I’m a transvestite.”

He is aghast. He swerves violently off the road, pulls the car to
a screeching halt and curses madly, overcome with emotion.
“I’m sorry,” she repeats.

“You bastard,” he screams, red in the face, “You cheating
bastard. You’ve been playing off the red tees all week!!”

Q: What’s the difference between Courtney Love and Wayne Gretzky?
A: Wayne takes a shower after 3 periods.

A man playing on a new golf course got confused as to what hole he was on.
He saw a lady playing ahead of him. He walked up to her and asked if she
knew what hole he was playing. She replied, “I’m on the 7th hole, and
you’re a hole behind me, so you must be on the 6th hole.” He thanked her
and went back to his golf.

On the back nine, the same thing happened, and he approached the lady again
with the same request. She said, “I’m on the 14th, you are a hole behind
me, so you must be on the 13th.” Once again he thanked her.

He finished his round and went into the club house and saw the lady sitting
at the end of the bar. He went up to her and said, “Let me buy you a drink
to show my appreciation for your help.” He started a conversation and asked
her what kind of work she did. She said she was in sales, and he said he
was in sales also. He asked what she sold.

She replied, “If I told you, you would only laugh.”

“No, I wouldn’t,” he said.

She said, “I sell tampons.”

With that he fell on the floor laughing so hard.

She said, “See, I knew you would laugh.”

“That’s not what I’m laughing at,” he replied. “I’m a toilet paper salesman, so I’m STILL one hole behind you!”

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