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Q: Who was that baby I saw you with last night?
A: That was no baby, that was my senator!

One day Billy Bob goes to town wearing nothing but his gun belt and boots.

The sheriff spots him and asks, “What the hell are you doing walking around town dressed like that?”

B.B. replies, “Well sheriff, it’s a long story. Me and Mary Lou was down on the farm and we started a-cuddlin’. Mary Lou said we should go in the barn and we did. Inside the barn we started a-kissin’ and a-cuddlin’ and things got pretty hot and heavy. Well, Mary Lou said we should go up on the hill. So we did. Up on the hill we started a-kissin’ and a-cuddlin’ and then, all of a sudden, Mary Lou up and took off all her clothes and said I should take off mine, too. So I took off all my clothes, ‘cept for my gun belt and my boots. Mary Lou lay on the ground and opened her legs and then, for some strange reason she said, “Billy Bob, go to town!”

I read last week how there are more than one million battered women in the United States each year. All these years I’ve been eating them raw.

Q: What did one Lesbian Frog say to the other?
A: Gee, we really do taste like chicken.

Two cuties were comparing notes concerning their latest boyfriends.

The first said, “He took me to his condo in Ocean City and showed me all these expensive jewels. There was an emerald-cut diamond of at least five carats, a tennis bracelet of six carats, and even a wrist watch with eleven carats.”

“Impressive.” said the second young thing.

“Well… yes.” the first agreed. “But the downside was that with all those carats, he expected me to behave like a rabbit.”

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