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Mary went to Jill’s place to tell her about a horrible experience she’d
had the previous night with this bloke she brought home.
“Well, what happened when you got there?” Jill asked
“The bastard called me a slut!” Mary said.
“And what did you do then?” Jill asked, shocked.
“I told him to get the fuck out of my bedroom and take his eight
mates with him!” Mary said.

Q: How do faggots get a condom off?

A: They fart.

Q: What is fore play for a blond?
A: When the man says “c’mon baby, hop in the truck”

On their first night together, the newly weds decided to set up signals
concerning their “urges”.
The lady said “If you want it, squeeze my BOOB once, if you don’t want it,
squeeze my BOOB twice.”
The gent said “OK, if you want it, pull my DONG once, if you don’t want it,
pull my DONG 48 times.”

This exchange was overheard between the separated sections
of the jail. A male voice yells over to the female side: “I got 12
inches over here you would love to have.”

The female response was: “Well, spit it out it isn’t yours.”

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