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Fruit stall owner, Giuseppe Scirrocco, stopped paying
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Fruit stall owner, Giuseppe Scirrocco, stopped paying taxes two years ago because he couldn’t afford them. Officials in Milan, Italy recently landed him with a 12-billion lira (app. US$7 million) tax bill.

Anton Wladich’s snoring has become so loud since breaking his nose, that most of his street’s residents in Warsaw, Poland, have moved house to escape the noise.

Furious girls in Lodz, Poland, are demanding a refund after paying US$800 to join a dating agency which had 300 women – but just seven men.

An underwear factory in Volgograd, Russia, is preventing redundancies (layoffs) by paying its staff with 36 pairs of free knickers a month.

Trucker Boris Kalusch drowned after trying to drink from the beer tanker he was driving. Police in Siberia found his legs sticking from the inspection cover.

Six people taken to hospital from a reception in Moscow were injured by flying champagne corks.

Scared Charles Hurden locked himself in his shed for three days after he thought asteroids landed in his garden in Sydney, Australia. They were luminous balloons from a party 16 km away.

A man dubbed by police in Athens, Greece as The Cigarette Saboteur has taken to attacking people he sees smoking and forcing them to eat their remaining cigarettes. The oddball has claimed seven victims in six months.

A pervert who exposed himself on the Paris Metro [subway] in France fled in horror when his victim – a transvestite – flashed back.

Marauding moose have torn up seven light aircraft in less than a week at Anchorage Airport in Alaska.

A golf match in Los Angeles, US, was abandoned when a cow wandered onto the fairway, deposited a cowpat on the 17th green and then chased the players.

A zookeeper was pinned to the ground and had his trousers torn off – by a lovesick lady orangutan! Ken Alrand had cared for Anna ever since her natural mother rejected her in infancy. But he never realized that she had developed a crush on him. As Alrand was cleaning Anna’s enclosure in Aalborg, Denmark, she pounced on him and ripped his pants off. “She’s obviously fallen in love with me,” says Alrand. “So I’ll keep my distance from now on.”

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