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In my college dorm we play ‘Assassin,’ like lots of students. Unlike most people, though, we use Silly String(tm) instead of water pistols, so that if you hit your target there’s never an argument about whether you really hit them because, well, they’re covered with Silly String(tm). But for those two weeks you carry your Silly String(tm) everywhere, even into classrooms where you’re automatically safe. So, there I was in this Psychology class with my friend, and we were kind of holding our Silly String at the ready while the professor lectured.
The class was Psychology of Group Behavior, and the professor was talking out our next assignment, which concerned group norms. (Group norms are the unspoken
rules of a group, i.e. you don’t grab someone else’s dining-hall tray and start eating off it). She was telling us the project, which is to violate a group norm blatantly and intentionally, and then write a little two-page paper about it.
And my crazy friend gets up, walks down the aisle and gets up on the stage with the professor, and proceeds to cover her in Silly String(tm). Needless to say everyone figured out what was going on, and the applause brought down the house.
He only got a B-plus on the paper, though. Go figure.


- Learn Ancient Asian Techniques
- Develop Impressive Skills
- Learn the Art of Control
- Build Self-Confidence
- Protect Yourself
- Train with exotic Implements
- Achieve your Maximum Potential

New Class meets Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00 PM

A martial arts teacher sent this design to the printer, got two hundred copies, and put them up around hi college campus. Tuesday night comes, and he arrives at the gym at a quarter of seven. To his amazement, there are already around two hundred students there! Now, based on his beautiful poster, he had expected a decent-sized group, but this was extraordinary! He glanced at his poster, and discovered why. The printer had evidently reversed two letters when typesetting the poster: the “T” and the “I” in the title had been transposed…

Eugene d’Albert (noted German composer) was married six times. At an evening reception which he attended with his fifth wife shortly after their wedding, he presented the lady to a friend who said politely, “Congratulations, Herr d’Albert; you have rarely introduced me to so charming a wife.”

In the weeks before Christmas the British ambassador in Canada received a phone call from the CBC (CBC Canadian Broadcasting Company, a Canadian TV station).
The CBC representative on the other end of the line thanked the ambassador for his prompt arrival at interviews etc, and for a generally good year. The ambassador returned the thanks. The CBC representative then asked the ambassador what he wanted for Christmas. Thinking that it might be inappropriate for him to accept a gift, the ambassador said that he didn’t think that it was a very good idea. However, The CBC representative insisted, and in the end the ambassador said that he wanted a small box of crystallized
fruits. The CBC rep seemed a little puzzled at this answer, but they ended the conversation and the ambassador thought nothing more of it. Later that month, on Boxing Day, the ambassador was sitting watching the news on TV with his family when he was treated to this item at the end: “Before Christmas, we asked three foreign ambassadors
what they wanted for Christmas. The French ambassador said that he wanted world peace and an end to suffering, the German ambassador said that he wanted a
cure for cancer, and the British ambassador said that he wanted a small box of crystallized fruits…”

Police in Yorkshire were busily watching for speeding cars with there mobile radar equipment when their equipment appeared to malfunction; it began to clock a speeder at 300 mph…All was revealed a few seconds later when a low flying Harrier jump jet screamed over head. The police registered a complaint regarding damaged radar equipment with the MOD (UK Ministry of Defense). The MOD replied that the damage could have been worse: the Harrier’s defense systems had latched onto the radar and had gone into an automatic pre-emptive strike mode before the pilot decided enemy anti-aircraft activity was unlikely along the motorways of northern England…

In Atlanta, U.S. District Judge Charles Moye overturned a death sentence for a murderer because the jury that convicted him 10 years ago had asked for a Bible during deliberations.

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