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The winner in this year’s $1 million prize in the Pillsbury Bake-Off is a Cream Cheese Brownie Pie created by Roberta Sonefeld from Hopkins, South Carolina. This pie is so rich; George W. Bush asked it for a campaign contribution.

A little boy wanted $100 very badly, so he prayed every night for two weeks but nothing happened.
Then he decided he would just write the Lord a letter and ask him directly for the $100.
When the post office received the letter addressed to “GOD, U.S.A.,” they decided to forward it to President Clinton. The President was so touched and impressed with the boy’s nerve that he showed it to Hillary. She said, “This could be good P.R., Bill. Go ahead and send the kid some money.” The President told his secretary to send the boy $5.00. He thought this would seem like a lot of money to the little boy.
The little boy was delighted with the $5.00 and sat right down to write a thank you letter to God. It read as follows:
Dear God,
Thank you for sending me the money I rquested. However, I see you send the money through Washington, D.C. and, as usual, that bastard Clinton took 95% of it.

One day Clinton goes to the bathroom, pulls down his pants,
and much to his amazement, he finds a red ring around his
penis. So the next day he goes to his physician and the doctor
says, “I cant figure out what it is. So I’ll give you some
medicine, and if it doesn’t work, come back. Ill give you
something else.” So clinton takes the perscription and takes the
pills as directed and comes back in 2 weeks. The physician
then hands him a different prescription and he comes back in
3 weeks this time. Then, instead of giving him a prescription
he gives him a small tube-like capsule. The doctor says,”Rub this
around the offending circle and come back tomorrow. Clinton
returns the next day and starts shouting, “Wow! That stuff was
terriffic doc! What was thast concoction? It worked great!”
The doctor then calmly replied; Lipstick remover.

Monica Lewinsky’s tell-all book about her affair with the U.S. President
has, for one Winnipeg Chapters outlet, not sold all that well after its
first day on the shelves, as reported by CBC Radio News.

To draw attention to the book, or to perhaps add some perspective, the
Lewinksy book had three other titles surrounding it on its display:

“Divorce for Dummies”
“100 Ways to Leave Your Lover”
“How to Remove Stains”

What did Bill Clinton say to Monica Lewinsky?
Can I be “blunt” with you?

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