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Q: How are Boris Becker and President Clinton alike?

A: Both aren’t as successful when they’re not on grass.

Q: How does Bill keep Gennifer Flowers away from the White House?

A: He keeps offering to send Ted Kennedy over to give her a ride.

Q: What was the real purpose of Bill’s college visit to Moscow?

A: To study economics.

Q: Which of the following does not belong: AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, or Bill Clinton?

A: Gonorrhea–it can be cured.

A man was walking along when he spotted a small boy busily constructing something. He approached the boy and was shocked to see him playing with cow manure! For lack of anything better to say, he asked, “Little boy, what ARE you doing?”
The boy replied, “I am making Ross Perot, Mister.”
Now thoroughly taken aback, the man asked, “Why are you making Ross Perot?
Why not make, er, Bill Clinton?”
The boy answered, “Oh no Mister, I can’t make Bill Clinton.”
“But why not?” asked the man.
The boy replied “Well, Mister, there isn’t enough bullshit here to make Bill Clinton.”

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