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Did you hear the Clinton’s are relieved they named their dog “Buddy”?
They’re glad they don’t have to run around the White House yelling “Come Spot!”

After agonizing for several days over the situation in former Yugoslavia where ethnic Serbs, Bosnians, and Muslims are engaged in a fierce and bloody civil war, President Clinton today announced that he is strongly in favor of diversity.

Two candidates for political office inadvertently scheduled simultaneous campaign rallies in the same park of a small New England town.

After a lengthy round of speeches, the candidates worked their way through the crowd–shaking hands, kissing babies and beaming mightily.

Suddenly, the skies opened and it began to rain.

One of the candidates fled to take shelter in a nearby restaurant along with half a dozen regulars.

The other candidate, however, continued to move through the crowd–shaking hands, kissing babies, etc.

“That man’s persistence,” observed one of the natives, “sure makes it easy to know who to vote for.”

“Yep,” another native agreed. “Sure can’t see myself voting for a moron who hasn’t the brains to come in out of the rain.”

Q: What happens if Bill Clinton gets a shot of testosterone?
A: He turns into Hillary.

13) Just tryin’ to impress the chicks.

12) NATO strategists were loathe to open maps of the area because refolding them can be difficult and annoying.

11) “Kosovo?! We though you said KOKOMO!”

10) Bombardier still pissed off about his Yugo.

9) Chinese embassy “just too shiny to ignore.”

8) Pilot’s ugly little secret: never COULD hit those womprats back home in Beggar’s Canyon.

7) Totally hammered after losing a game of “quarters” to Boris Yeltsin.

6) Canadian navigator busy extolling virtues of Celine Dion.

5) Pilot playing Kosovo bingo needed B5, not G2.

4) Forgot to adjust for weight of Slim Pickens.

3) Male pilots refused to stop and ask for directions.

2) General Magoo has no comment.

1) NATO headquarters dinner order for “take out Chinese” was grossly misunderstood.

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