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Q: Why did Bill Clinton cross the road?

A: To meet the chick.

Bush and Gore were sitting in a restaurant to discuss the craziness of the election. When the waitress came to take their orders, Gore said, “I’ll take the steak.” When she asked Bush, he said, “I’ll take the quicky.” Gore motioned for the waitress to come closer, and whispered into her ear “He means the quiche.”

Q: Why are people in Arkansas having peanut butter and jelly for Thanksgiving this year?

A: Because Clinton “invested” all the turkey.

Clinton: We forgive you…Now Resign!

Al Gore: One heartthrob from the Presidency

Adultery is not a family value

Does character matter YET?

One More Whore And We Get Gore

Bill Clinton: Commander in Heat

My President Fooled Around with Your Honor Student

Jail to the Chief

Today kids no longer play doctor, they play President

The Clinton Creed: Take Credit Not Responsibility

If his private life doesn’t matter, let him date YOUR daughter.

Save the President: Legalize Perjury

Three terms for Clinton: the third in jail

Clinton: Our Nation’s Fondling Father

Q: How can you tell if it was a shared computer used by many staffers?

A: There is writing on the White-out.

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