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Bill: “I didn’t tell her to lie in the DEPOSITION…I told her to lie in THAT there position!”

What did Bill Clinton say to Monica Lewinsky?
Can I be “blunt” with you?

If we were playing “Clue” it would be “Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office with the magic flute.”

They say that Christopher Columbus was the first Democrat. When he left to discover America, he didn’t know where he was going. When he got there he didn’t know where he was. And it was all done on a government grant.

The Clinton Health Plan has the:

1. Simplicity of the IRS.

2. Results of rent control.

3. Efficiency of the Post Office.

4. The fringe benefits of higher taxes

5. Management success of national debt.

6. Bureaucracy of the Dept. of Agriculture.

7. Dependency of a weather forecaster.

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