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Q:When Better Than Ezra took the number one spot on the college music charts, who was at number two?


Q: What’s the difference between a bull and a symphony orchestra?

A: The bull has the horns in front and the ass in the back.

Q: What did Arafat say to Clinton?

A: “Sheep don’t talk, my friend.”

A little old lady goes into a sex shop. She appears to have a case of Parkinson’s as she’s shaking from head to toe.

“Young Man?” she asks the clerk, “Do you sell vibrators?”

“Yes mam we do,” he replies.

“Big fluorescent orange ones?”

“Yes mam we do.”

“The type about 16 inches long?”

“Yes mam we do.”

“The type that takes 8 D Cell batteries?”

“Yes mam we do.”

“Well, how the hell do you turn it off?!”

The day Microsoft will make something that doesn’t suck is probably the day they’ll start making vacuum cleaners.

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