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The gi and his honeymoon
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During the occupation of Japan, a young GI fell in love with a beautiful Japanese girl. After many months of courtship, they wanted to get married. The U.S. government did not like to have mixed marriages, but they continued to fight for their love rights.

One afternoon the CO called Jo into his office and gave him the good news that it was a go. Blossom’s parents would only give their blessing if the couple would have a traditional Japanese ceremony. They both agreed.

The day arrived and Blossom dressed in her wedding kimono. She made a beautiful bride.

That evening in their hotel room, Blossom began to undress. With each piece of outer clothing she would take off she would say, “Excuse Please.”

Then all her underclothes and again, “Excuse Please.”

She was down to her stockings, when she bent over to take them off and expelled some gas.

So embarrassed Blossom exclaimed, “Oh so sorry! Excuse please. Front hole so happy, back hole had to whistle!”

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