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There once was a girl from Decatur
Who got laid by a big alligator.
Now, nobody knew
The result of that screw,
Because after he laid her, he ate her.

A thrifty old man named McEwing
Inquired, “Why be bothered with screwing?
It’s safer and cleaner
To finger your wiener,
And besides you can see what you’re doing.”

There was a young sailor from Brighton,
Who said “Shit! Your hole is a tight one!”
Said the girl, “Shut your face!
“You’re in the wrong place!
“There’s plenty of room in the right one!”

The once was a man from Hong Kong,
Who tied a large rock to his dong.
In the East he gained fame,
And all knew him by name,
This man they called Hee Hung So Long.

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