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There once was this girl from Sri Lanka,
A dusky-skinned maid named Bianca.
Each day she would sit
And play with her clit.
She was an incredible wanker!

Said a swinging young chick named Lyth
Whose virtue was largely a myth,
“Try as hard as I can,
I can’t find a man
That it’s fun to be virtuous with.”

His other young brother, named Saul,
Was able to bounce either ball,
He could stretch them and snap them,
And juggle and clap them,
Which earned him the plaudits of all.

There once was a genie
with a 12 foot wenie
who showed it to the girl next door.
She thought it was a snake
so she hit it with a rake,
and now its only 1 foot 4.

There once was a man from Cheyenne
Of women, he was a fan
But they thought “Damn he’s fat!”
“I’m not touching that!”
So he had to rely on his hand.

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