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You Might Be A Redneck Dom If…
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* your spreader bar says “Smith & Wesson” down the side.

* your bondage rope has axle grease stains.

* you named your dog the same name as your submissive, so you could remember both of their names.

* your nipple clamps look suspiciously like the clamps for your jumper cables.

* you can’t suspend your sub from the ceiling because she weighs more than the load capacity for your trailer.

* your sub accidently screams out the names of your brothers Bubba, Billy, and Bobby before she remembers yours in a moment of passion.

* you use the hood of the El Camino on blocks in your front yard as a bondage table.

* you require you submissive to wipe the rim of your Budweiser bottle with her sleeve before she kisses it to serve you.

* you fix the squeaking headboard with duct tape.

* you can only give 10 swats at a time because you want to count the strokes and don’t want to take your work boots off.

* your submissive makes a dentist appointment and you’re afraid it might mean she is looking for a new dom.

* you decide to surprise your submissive with an extra special location for her collaring, so you take her to Graceland.

* you accidently get your submissive with your belt buckle during a whipping, and it leaves a Budweiser logo imprint on her ass.

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