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Q: What is a Blondes favorite nursery rhyme?
A: Hump me dump me

Q: Why do black widow spiders kill their mates after mating?
A: To stop the snoring before it starts.

A blonde and a redhead met in a bar after work for a drink and were watching the 6 o’clock news on TV. A man was shown threatening to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge.

The blonde bet the redhead $50 that he wouldn’t jump, and the redhead replied, “I’ll take that bet!”

Anyway, sure enough, he jumped, so the blonde gave the redhead the $50.

The redhead said, “I can’t take this, you’re my friend.” The blonde said, “No, a bet’s a bet.”

So the redhead said, “Listen, I have to admit, I saw this on TV on the 5 o’clock news, so I can’t take your money.”

“Well, so did I, but I never thought he’d jump again!”

Q: Why did the blonde insist her partner use a condom?

A: She wanted to save a dogie bag for later.

Q: Why can`t blondes water-ski?

A: When they get their crotch wet they think they have to lay down.

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