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Two women came before wise King Solomon, dragging between them a young man.
“This young man agreed to marry my daughter,” said one.
“No! He agreed to marry MY daughter,” said the other.
And so they haggled before the King, until he called for silence.
“Bring me my biggest sword,” said Solomon, ” and I shall hew the young man in half. Each of you shall receive a half.”
“Sounds good to me,” said the first lady.
But the other woman said, “Oh Sire, do not spill innocent blood. Let the other woman’s daughter marry him.”
The wise king did not hesitate a moment.
“The accountant must marry the first lady’s daughter,” he proclaimed.
“But she was willing to hew him in two!” exclaimed the king’s court.
“Indeed,” said wise King Solomon. “That shows she is the TRUE mother-in-law!”

I have never made a fool of my mother-in-laws, I just leave her to display her natural talents herself.

I find it interesting that if you rearrange the letters in the words “mother in law” you get the words “WOMAN HITLER”.

Two cannibals were sitting down eating lunch.
One says to the other, “You know, I just can’t stand my mother-in-law.”
The other one replies, “Forget about her! Just put her to the side and eat the mashed potatoes.”

A couple drove several miles down a country road, not saying a word.
An earlier discussion had led to an argument, and neither wanted to concede their position.
As they passed a barnyard of mules and pigs, the wife sarcastically asked, “relatives of yours?”
“Yep,” the husband replied, “In-laws.”

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