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Too much beer
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A guy walks over to a gorgeous chick sitting at a barstool and says, “I want to play with your ta-tas all night.”

Shocked, the woman says, “Oh my god, do you see that huge guy over there? He’s my boyfriend and he’ll kick your ass!”

The man replies, “I still want to play with your ta-tas all night, and fill your scamper with beer and drink it.”

Disgusted, the woman walks over to her boyfriend and tells him what’s going on. “That man over there says he wants to play with my ta-tas all night.”

The boyfriend stands up pissed off and rolls up his sleeves.

She then says, “He also said he wants to fill my scamper up with beer and drink out of it.”

The boyfriend rolls down his sleeves, sits down and continues drinking.

“What are you doing, aren’t you going to kick his ass?”

The boyfriend smugly replies, “I ain’t gonna mess with a guy that can drink that much beer.”

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