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Knock! Knock
Who’s there?
Our Wayne
Our Wayne who?
Our Wayne in a manger!

Q: Where does the Wolfman live?

A: In a werehouse!

Frosty the cokehead was a crazed neurotic soul,
With a big glass pipe and a vial of crack,
And no sense of self control.

There must have been some poison in that last dime bag he got,
For when he took his first big hit he dropped dead on the spot.

Frosty the cokehead doesn’t worry anymore,
‘Cuz when all is said, and your cold and dead,
Then you never have to score.

Q: Why is the letter A like a flower?

A: A bee comes after it

Q: What do little sppoks call their parents?

A: Mummy & Deady.

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