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Q: What do you call a monster with no neck?
A: The Lost Neck Monster.

* She’s a goblin!

* I’d like to get a little something in the sack.

* Let me see your bag….OH!-You’re having a great night!

* Just get on your hands and knees and bob your head.

* She’s got a couple of nice pumpkins on her porch.

* If you just lick it, it’ll last longer.

* Show me your JuJuBees and I’ll let you see my Zagnuts.

* Have your mom check it before you put it in your mouth.

* You scared me stiff!

* He’s got Candy spread out on the living room floor!

Vampire 1: “I once went so long without fresh blood that I nearly died.”
Vampire 2: “How awful!”
Vampire 1: “Yes. Fortunately, I found some in the neck of time.”

Q: What kind of street does a ghost like best?

A: A dead end.

Q: What do ghosts and goblins drink on Halloween?

A: Ghoul-aid.

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