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Q: What has big ears, brings Easter terats, and goes hippity-BOOM< hippity-BOOM?
A: The Easter Elephant.

- “I thought he was the pizza delivery guy leaving. No wondered he smiled when I tried to give him a tip!”

- “I was putting another denarius in the chariot meter!”

- “With the earth shakin’ and all the bright lights, we figured we was abducted by aliens!”

- “Since the tomb was already empty when the stone was rolled away, I’m afraid you’re speaking to the wrong department. Let me give you a BR#245-A-Res form and direct you to Burial Services.”

- “As we’ve already stated several times before, according to the legal definition of “escape,” we emphatically deny any wrong doing in this matter!”

- “We was HYPNO-TIZED! Centurion Bobicus is still clucking like a chicken!”

- “You told us to secure the tomb as best as we know how (Mat. 27:65.. We did! May I suggest an assessment of our current training program?”

- “All I know is, this better not mess up my early retirement package!”

- “Hey! What’d you expect? Did you tell us we were guarding the Son of God? NOOOOOOOO!”

- “What’s the big deal? He said He’d be back!”

Q: What type of movie is about water fowl?

A: A duckumentary.

Q: What happened when the Easter Bunny met the rabbit of his dreams?

A: They lived hoppily ever after!

Q: What do you call a duck who plays basketball?

A: A slam duck.

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