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The promise
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Sadie is dying. As she lay in her bed, she says, “Shlomo, are you here?”
“Sadie, can’t you see I’m standing right next to you?” replies Shlomo.
“Well that’s a change,” says Sadie, “I’m not used to having you at home.”
“Oh now come on darling,” says Shlomo, “you didn’t really expect me to be out of the house when you’re dying?”
“Well it wouldn’t have surprised me,” says Sadie.
“Please let’s not argue,” says Shlomo.
“OK,” says Sadie, “but I want you to promise me something. How many cars have you ordered to go to the cemetery?”
“Four,” replies Shlomo.
“Does that include the hearse?” asks Sadie.
“Yes,” replies Shlomo, “but this is not the time to talk about it.”
“Shlomo, it’s my funeral, remember,” says Sadie. “Four cars are too many. If people want to come, let them find their own way there. Cancel one of the cars.”
“OK,” says Shlomo.
“And I want you to promise me something else,” says Sadie.
“Anything darling,” says Shlomo.
“I want you and my mother to travel together in the same car,” says Sadie.
“But darling,” says Shlomo, “you know we’ve not spoken to one another for at least ten years.”
“I know,” says Sadie, “but I don’t care. It’s what I want. Promise me you’ll do it.”
“Well, OK,” replies Shlomo, “I’ll do it, but let me tell you now, it will ruin the day for me.”

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