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The procession in Marbella
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Benny and Leah are on holiday in Marbella and decide to go to a bullfight. While they are watching the grand procession which takes place before the bullfights commences, Leah starts asking a lot of questions. Fortunately, Benny had been to a bullfight some years earlier during a business trip and is able to answer them.
“Benny, who’s that leading the procession?” asks Leah.
“That’s the toreador, Leah.”
“So who’s that behind the toreador?”
“That’s the matador, Leah.”
“And who’s that man behind the matador, Benny?”
“That’s the picador, Leah,” says Benny, a little fed up with all the questions.
“And who’s the little man behind the picador?” asks Leah.
“That’s Isadore, the kosher butcher.”

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