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The Labia
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Becky goes to the gynocologist who examines her and says, “Wow! You have the biggest labia I’ve ever seen!” Becky turns red and says, “I know Dr. It’s really been a source of embarassment my entire life!” The doctor eeplies, “Becky, I can reduce it very easily. Making it smaller is a simple operatrion.” “OK,” says Becky, “but I don’t want anyone to know. The only people who can know must be on a need-to-know basis!”
A week later, Becky awakens from the operation in a hospital room filled to the brim with flowers. “Dr., she exclaims, “This was on a need-to-know basis! Where did all of these flower come from?” “It was on a need-to-know basis,” he replied. “One dozen roses was from me for your being such a good patient! The rest are from Mr. Goldstein on the Burn Unit on the fourth floor who wants to thank you for his new ears!”

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