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The confession
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Hyman is dying and his wife Faye is at his bedside in hospital. She’s holding his fragile hand and with tears running down her face starts to pray. But her praying awakens Hyman. He looks up at her and with pale lips hardly moving whispers, “Is that you, Faye?”
“Yes, darling, it’s me,” she replies, “but dont talk. You need to rest.”
But Hyman wants to get something off his chest. “Faye,” he whispers, “I have a confession to make.”
“It’s OK, darling,” she weeps, “theres nothing to confess, really. Everythings fine. Now go to sleep.”
“No, Faye, I must die in peace. I slept with your sister and I slept with your best friend. There, I’ve got it off my chest.”
“I know, darling,” says Faye, “now be quiet and let the poison work.”

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