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The Apple
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The pope wanted to kick the Jews out of Italy. They got Reb Moshe to debate with him. Since Reb Moshe didn’t know any Italian and the pope didn’t know any Yiddish, they did a silent debate.
The pope held up 3 fingers and Reb Moshe held up 1 finger. The pope waved his hand around his head and Reb Moshe pointed down. The pope took out some wines and Reb Moshe took out an apple. The pope said, “you won, I give up” and left.
The pope went back to his church. They asked him, “How did you lose? What did he do?” He answered, “First I held up 3 fingers for our 3 parts of god. He held up 1 finger for his 1 G-d. I waved my hand around my head to say that He is everywhere and he pointed down to say that He is also right here with us. I took out the wine for the sins we can be forgiven for, and he took out an apple for the first sin that we can’t be forgiven for.”
Meanwhile, Reb Moshe went back to his shul. They asked him, “How did you win?” He said, “He held up 3 fingers to say that we had 3 days to get out, and I gave him the finger. He waved his arm around his head to say that we had to go away and I pointed down to say that we are staying right here.” “And then what happened?” they asked him. “Well,” he answered, “I’m not sure. He took out his lunch, so I took out mine.”

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