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Fish bait
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Moishe went out fishing. He had driven by the lake many times before and had seen some other anglers about, so he decided to give his luck a try. On his first day of fishing he had no luck at all but noticed that another fisherman near him was scooping in one fish after another. Moishe had to know the secret.
“Excuse me, would you mind telling me what sort of bait you’re using?” he asked.
The other man looked around a bit embarrassed. “Well, I am a surgeon, and quite by accident I found that human tonsil works very well.”
Moishe couldn’t match that. He thanked the man and left.
Next day, Moishe returned to the lake, tried a different bait but still had no luck. Just as before, there ahead was another man reeling in fish after fish.
“Excuse me,” asked Moishe, “but could you suggest a bait that I could try?”
“Well, I can but I am not sure it will do you any good. I am a doctor and I’m using a bit of human appendix.”
“Hmm,” thought Moishe. “I can’t match that. It seems that the fish in this lake will require a little more effort than normal.”
He left, willing to give the lake one more try.
On the third day, Moishe still had no luck. As usual, there was another man near him bringing in lots of fish. Moishe had to confirm what he already knew.
“Excuse me sir, but are you a doctor?”
“No, I am a mohel.”

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