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Italian Band
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A band at an Italian wedding decided to take requests.
Nunzio walks up and asks, “Scuse me, do youse guys know da song ‘Strangers in da Night’?
The band leader says, “Sure we know that one.”
Nunzio says, “Hey! dat’s great! But I got just one favor – could youse play it in 5/4 time?”
“Isn’t it played in 4/4 time?” the band leader asked.
“Yeah, but dis here’s a special occasion, know whut I mean?”
The band discusses amongst themselves, then the leader turns and says, “I don’t think we’ll have any problems.”
Nunzio turns and yells out, “Hey, Cousin Vinnie! C’mon up here and sing!”
Cousin Vinnie walks up to the mike as the band begins the intro, and then starts to sing, “Strangers in da fuckin’ night… “

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