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Q. Why does the new Italian Navy use glass bottomed boats?
A. So they can steer clear of the old Italian Navy.

What is the definition of a maniac?
An Italian in a brothel with a credit card.

Vinnie Calabrese, right off the boat from Italy, was excited
about being accepted at Harvard University. On his first
day on campus, he was walking around looking for the library.
He saw an upperclassman standing by a tree, walked up to him
and said, “Hey paisano, coulda you tella me where isa da
library at?”
The upperclassman said, “Here at Harvard we never end
sentences with a preposition. Would you like to rephrase
that question?”
“OK, fora you, no problem, Paisano,” said the Italian.
“Tella me, do you know where isa da library at, youa asshole?”

If an American ship bears the initials USS meaning United States Ship and a British ship’s name starts with HMS which means Her Majesty’s Ship,what does the Italian DMB stand for?
Datsa Ma Boat.

Francis and Isabella were having their usual battle of the sexes.
“Italian men are all stupid,” screamed Isabella
“Oh, yeah?” yelled her husband. “I’ll have you know it was an Italian man who invented the toilet seat!”
“And I’ll have you know,” said his wife, “it was an Italian woman who thought of putting a hole in it!”

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