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Hanna’s kosher Christmas

Knock. Knock.
Whos there?
Hanna who?
Hanna partridge in a pear tree.

Q: Hear about the enterprising rabbi that’s offering circumcision via the Internet?
A: The service is called E-MOIL.

Why did the Italian staple his nuts together?
“If you can’t lick ’em, join ’em”

Moishe and Freda were sitting together one evening watching a DVD movie, as they did every night. But on this occasion, Moishe suddenly says, “So, darling, whatever happened to our sexual relations?”
Freda didn’t answer straight away, but when she did, she replied, “You know, I don’t even think we got a New Year card from them this year.”

Issy and Jacob, both in their eighties, are sitting on a bench in Brent Cross shopping centre when Issy turns to Jacob and says, “Jacob, please excuse me for my poor memory, but who died yesterday, was it Shlomo or you?”

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