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Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods are playing the 16th hole, when Tiger’s tee shot lands behind a huge, 100 foot fir tree. Tiger looks at Arnie and says, “How would you play this one? Lay up and take the extra stroke?”

Arnold replies: “When I was your age, I’d just play right over this tree.”

Tiger, not wanting to be shown up by ol’ Arnold Palmer, proceeds to hit the ball high, but not high enough. It bounces off the tree and lands out of bounds. Tiger, really ticked at this point, asks Arnold how he EVER hit a ball over that tree.

Arnold replied: “Well, when I was your age, that tree was only three feet tall.”

Q: Did you hear that R Kelly and Gerald Levert have a new Album?

A: It is entitled Levert and Pervert

Pink gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: ‘That’s the ugliest baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!’ Pink goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: ‘The driver just insulted me!’ The man says: ‘You go right up there and tell him off ‘ go ahead, I’ll hold your monkey for you.’

Q: How many Bill Gateses does it take to change a light bulb?

A: One. He puts the bulb in and lets the world revolve around him.

Britney and Christina were observed in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of Britney`s new Mercedes with a coat hanger.

Britney: I can`t seem to get this door unlocked!

Christina: Well, you`d better hurry up and try harder, its starting to rain and the top is down!

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