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Christina Aguilera has apparently acquired a new sense of eco-awareness. Known to be a bit of a temperamental diva, Aguilera had a run-in with a glitzy Hollywood restaurant over some leftovers.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the singer had finished her meal at a trendy eatery and had requested that the waiter place her uneaten food into a doggie bag. When she was brought the leftover food in a styrofoam box, Christina purportedly blew her cork.

Aguilera was furious that this kind of environmentally-unfriendly material was being used and began to give the waiter a lecture on the evils of the polystyrene plastic.

She allegedly ended up storming out the door leaving her styrofoam doggie box behind.

The Left Coast Report says Christina shouldn’t worry too much about the biodegradability of styrofoam. After all, parts of her body may last several thousand years longer than the little plastic food box.

Q. What did Helen Keller’s parents do to punish her for swearing?

A. Washed her hands with soap.

Paris Hilton talked about 15 of her all time favorite movies in the Late Show With David Letterman.

15. Alabama Jones and the Last Beer Run

14. S*O*U*R*M*A*S*H

13. Thelma-Louise

12. Back to the Future IV: I’m My Own Daddy!

11. 9 1/2 Teeth

10. Three to Tango, But Two Have To Hold the Cow Steady So You Don’t Get Knocked Off The Foot Stool

9. And the Band Played Freebird

8. Three Brides for Seven Brothers

7. Dog, Ma

6. Honey, I Blew My Cousin!

5. Three Men and Ned Beatty

4. Austin Texas: The Uncle Who Shagged Me

3. Being John Deere

2. How Stella Got Her Tooth Back

and Paris Hilton’s Number 1 Favorite Movie…

1. The Green Smile

Weather forecast for Lake Tahoe area…

Blizzard conditions and Sonny in the trees.

Q: What’s the difference between Courtney Love and Wayne Gretzky?

A: Wayne takes a shower after 3 periods.

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