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Favorite movies of Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton talked about 15 of her all time favorite movies in the Late Show With David Letterman.

15. Alabama Jones and the Last Beer Run

14. S*O*U*R*M*A*S*H

13. Thelma-Louise

12. Back to the Future IV: I’m My Own Daddy!

11. 9 1/2 Teeth

10. Three to Tango, But Two Have To Hold the Cow Steady So You Don’t Get Knocked Off The Foot Stool

9. And the Band Played Freebird

8. Three Brides for Seven Brothers

7. Dog, Ma

6. Honey, I Blew My Cousin!

5. Three Men and Ned Beatty

4. Austin Texas: The Uncle Who Shagged Me

3. Being John Deere

2. How Stella Got Her Tooth Back

and Paris Hilton’s Number 1 Favorite Movie…

1. The Green Smile

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