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“What’s this I hear about you breaking off your engagement?” asked Julie.

“Well,” Sharon confirmed, “Although his diamond was of pretty good quality, his mounting left a lot to be desired.”

I can’t help but wonder sometimes though why lovemaking is almost
always referred to in theatrical terms. For example, surely you’ve
heard men refer to their “performance”. Well, even these days I don’t
have a lot of trouble with that.

But… since I’m now past fifty, the “encores” are getting tuffer and

“Hello?” Hearing only heavy breathing on the line, the woman repeated, “Hello?”

“I’ll bet you want me to come into your bedroom,” a male voice whispered
huskily, “… undress you, lick you from head to toe and make love to you until

“Geez,” the woman replied, “you can tell all that from two hello’s?”

Q: What is the difference between a Certificate of Deposit and Intercourse?
A: A Certificate of Deposit has significant penalty for early withdrawl.

Q: What was the first thing Adam said to Eve?
A: “Stand back …. I don’t know how big this thing is going to grow!”

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