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Q: What is the definition of ultimate rejection?

A: Your hand falling asleep while masturbating.

My brother- in- law went to the doctor complaining of a very difficult time achieving an orgasm.
The Dr said “which position do you use?”
“Doggy style,” said dumb shit.
“Why don’t you go home and tonight try it missionary position and see if that works any better.” said the Dr.
“We’ve tryed that” he said, “but my dogs got such baaadddd breath!”

Q: What’s the only reason men prefer blondes?
A: Because brunettes aren’t as easy to get into bed.

Q: What do you call a blonde with ESP and PMS?
A: A know-it-all bitch.

A question for Bill Clinton:
“What was Miss Lewinsky’s most memorable feature?”
“She has the whitest teeth I’ve ever come across”

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