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This cowboy was walking in the woods one day and he comes to a clearing. There on a blanket was a naked Indian with an erection.

“What are you doing?” the cowboy asks.

The Indian answers, “Me tell time.”

The cowboy says, “Ok. If you are so good, what time is it?”

The Indian looks down at his penis and the shadow it made and said, “It 2 o’clock.”

The cowboy looks at his watch and says, “By Golly, you are right!”

The cowboy starts walking again and comes upon another naked Indian laying on a blanket.

“Don’t tell me….you’re telling time also?”

Indian looks up at him and says, “Yes, me telling time.”

The cowboy says, “Okay smartass, what time is it?”

The Indian looks up at the sun and down at his penis and says, “It 4 o’clock.”

The cowboy is amazed at the Indians, so he keeps walking.

A few hours later he comes upon an Indian on a blanket, masturbating.

“Don’t tell me you are telling time!!??”

The Indian looks up at him and says, “No, me winding watch!!”

Q: What does it mean if a blonde has square boobs?
A: She forgot to take the tissue out of the box.

A little girl goes into the toilet and sees her dad having a shower.
It’s at that moment she spots his penis. Pointing at it she says…

“Daddy, daddy, when will I get one of those?”

The dad looks at the little girl, looks out the door, looks back
at the little girl and winks…

“When your mommy goes to the mall!”

A nun and a priest are wandering, lost, in the desert, when all of a sudden their camel up and dies. Seeing nothing but sand around them for miles, they prepare themselves to meet their Maker.

The Priest, knowing that he’s mere hours away from death, says, “You know, I’ve never seen a woman’s breasts before. Since it probably won’t matter any more, would you show me yours?”

The nun agrees and shows him.

He asks, “May I touch them?”

She agrees, and he tells her with complete sincerity that they’re very nice.

Next, the nun says that she’s never seen a man’s penis before, and would he mind showing her his. He agrees and whips it out.

“That’s very nice!” she says. “May I touch it?”

He agrees and she fondles him, resulting, of course, in a large chubby.

The priest, now overcome with years of pent-up lust, says, “You know, if I put my penis in the right place, it can give life!”

She asks, “Is that so?”


“Then why don’t you stick it up that camel’s ass and let’s get the hell out of here!”

An Indian chief and his son are sitting down one day, and the son asks: “Dad, how do us Indians get our names?”

“It’s very simple,” replies the chief. “Your oldest brother was born by a river, so we call him Running Brook. Your other brother was born in the early morning, so we call him Rising Sun. Why do you ask Broken Rubber?”

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