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- Vibrators don’t have problems with gas … Nor do they hog the remote … Nor the computer!

- We can get a bigger one or one that has better options whenever we want without being called a slut.

- Vibrators never go limp and rubbery, you simply replace the batteries when it tires.

- Position is your choice, not his.

- You don’t have to suck it.

- It works “while” the sports games are on.

- It always is hard.

- It doesn’t leave a mess behind.

- You don’t have to wear an ill fitting teddy to excite it.

- It doesn’t care that you gained 10 lbs.

- It doesn’t fall asleep and snore in your ear afterwards.

- You don’t have to clean up the apartment before bringing it home.

- You don’t have to cook it breakfast and pretend to be interested in it the next morning.

- You can throw them in a drawer and only take them out when you want to!

- They don’t get tired after the first time.

- They never poke you in the back in the morning to see if you are in the mood.

- They never drink too much and embarrass you.

- You don’t have to tell the vibrator he’s the best you ever had!

- Vibrators don’t prematurely ejaculate.

- Safe sex without a rubber.

- Vibrators don’t ask who your Daddy is.

- Vibrators last as long as YOU want them to last.

- You don’t have to put up with the shit, just turn it off when you get done with it !

- As long as you have a new pack of energizers the vibrator can keep going and going and going!

- Vibrators do what you want them to do at ALL times!

- Vibrators are portable so you can do it anytime anywhere you want!!

- They never ask how they were.

- They don’t burp, fart, belch or fall asleep on you.

- You don’t have to dress up for your vibrator.

- You don’t have to stroke its ego.

- They never wake up at 4 a.m. asking for another get-go.

- It doesn’t leave a wet spot.

- You can carry it with you at all times, and not feel obligated to feed it.

- It doesn’t require “a little lip action” to get hard

- It has no problem finding the “g spot.”

- You know exactly where its been.

- Vibrators don’t care if you get crumbs in the bed.

Sadie lost her husband almost four years ago and still has not
gotten out of her depression, mourning as if it were only
yesterday. Her daughter constantly is calling her and urging
her to get back into the world.

Finally, Sadie says she’d go out, but didn’t know anyone.
Her daughter immediately replies, “Mama! I have someone for
you to meet.” Well, it was an immediate hit. They took to one
another and after dating for six weeks he asks her to join him
for a weekend in the Catskills. And we know what that meant.

One room and the normal follow up to that. Their first night
there she undresses as he does. There she stood nude
except for a pair of black lacy panties. He in his birthday suit.
Looking at her he asks “Why the panties?”

She replies, “My breasts you can fondle, my body is yours to
explore, but down there I am still in mourning,” He knows he’s
not getting lucky that night. The following night the same
scenario. She standing there with the black panties on and he
in his birthday suit; except that he has an erection on which he
has a black condom.

She looks at him and asks, “What’s with this… a black

He replies, “I’m going to offer my condolences.”

An elephant walks up to a naked guy and says, “How do you breathe out of that thing?”

SOCIAL SECURITY No:_____________________
STAFF ELEMENT:_________________________
HOME PHONE No.:_________________________
MALE:_____________ FEMALE:______________
OFFICE PHONE No.:________________________

Male – Female
Female – Female
Male – Male
All of the Above
None of the Above – Please Specify:_____________________


Salutatory Greeting: ____________________
Eye-to-Eye Contact: ____________________
Eye-to-Bust Contact: ____________________
Eye-to-Below Waist Contact: ______________
Heavy breathing on neck: _________________
Ear: __________________________
Other: ________________________

Hands on body: ________________________
Shoulder: ______________________
Waist: ________________________
Gluteus Maximus: ________________
Other: __________________________
Feelies: __________________________________
Gropies: __________________________________
Penetration (however slight): ___________________
Other: ___________________________________
All of the Above: ___________________________


1. Assist in procurement of various potions, lotions, products, appliances, etc. to be used during sexual harassment.

2. Assist in procurement and maintenance of various types of sustaining apparatus.

3. Clean up.


Anyone: _________________________________
Anyone But: ______________________________
Only: ___________________________________

SIGNATURE: ____________________________

This form is to be reviewed by immediate supervisor annually, prior to performance rating and evaluation.

A Girl Scout troop leader suddenly came upon a clearing
where a young couple was engaged in oral sex.

“Back ladies, back!” cried the leader. “There’s a very
dangerous beast out there!”

But it was too late, as several of her girls had more-or-less
seen the deed happening. They asked their leader what it was
the couple was doing.

“Well, err… if you must know, uh, they were practicing a
brand new form of artificial respiration… yeah, that’s it, it’s
artificial respiration!”

“WOW!” exclaimed the oldest of the group. “I know which
merit badge I’m gonna try for next!”

A man is walking past this house when a used condom comes
flying out of the second story window and lands squarely on his
head. Rather disgusted and absolutely furious, he goes up to
the front door and starts pounding on it.

An elderly man opens it and asks him what caused him to
knock so loudly.

The passerby asks, “Who’s in your upstairs room?”

The elderly man replies, “I can’t see how it’s any of your
business. Since, you must know, my daughter and intended
son-in-law are upstairs.”

The passerby hands him the used condom and says, “Well, I
just wanted you to know that your intended grandchild fell out
the window!”

Once there was a beautiful woman who loved to work in her vegetable garden, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get her tomatoes to ripen. Admiring her neighbor’s garden, which had beautiful bright red tomatoes, she went one day and inquired of him his secret.

“It’s really quite simple,” the old man explained. “Twice each day, in the morning and in the evening, I expose myself in front of the tomatoes and they turn red with embarrassment.”

Desperate for the perfect garden, she tried his advice and proceeded to expose herself to her plants twice daily.

Two weeks passed and her neighbor stopped by to check her progress.

“So,” he asked, “Any luck with your tomatoes?”

“No,” she replied excitedly. “But you should see the size of my cucumbers!”

A man goes to his doctor for his annual physical complaining of all kinds of mysterious ailments – lack of sleep, no drive, very
little appetite, nervous, etc. After a complete exam, the doctor can find nothing physically wrong and suspects the man is
suffering from depression. The two had been friends for many years, so the doctor did not hesitate to ask the man about his
personal life.

“Well, if you must know,” said the patient, “I cannot stand my wife. She’s made my life unbearable. I fantasize all
the time about killing that damn witch. In fact, if you are truly my friend, you’ll give me some kind of untraceable
poison to give her, so I may end my misery.”

The doctor explained that not only was that illegal, it would in fact, violate his oath to save lives. He said, “Besides, you’ll get
life in prison yourself, at best. I’ll tell ya what though, I can give you this powerful aphrodisiac to slip into her
coffee. You can then ‘love her to death’. No jury in the world is going to convict a man for loving his wife too
much. She’ll be gone in a month at best.”

The man blessed the doctor, went home and started putting the love elixir in his wife’s coffee the very next morning. Three
weeks later, the doctor hasn’t heard a word from his friend, and becomes concerned. After office hours, he stops by his friend’s
house to see if all is well. He finds his friend sitting on the sun deck, wrapped in a blanket, even though it’s a warm Spring day.
The man’s face was gaunt and pale, he’d lost Lord knows how much weight,and looked terrible. The doctor asked, “What
the Hell happened ???”

The man said, “I followed your advice to the letter. That woman and I made love like a pair of crazed rabbits, day
and nite.” Then, he chuckled, causing a terrible wheeze. Just then the wife appeared from inside the house. All slim and trim
and dressed in tennis clothes; smiling, she said she was off for a few sets of tennis. As she leaped into her new sports car, her
husband cackled and said to the doctor, “Look at that dumb crazy bitch. She hasn’t a lick of sense. If she only knew
she has less than a week to live she wouldn’t be so God damn frisky.”

A mouse and a lion walk were in a bar, drinking a few beers when a giraffe walked in.
“Get a load of her” said the mouse, “what a babe!”
“Well, why not try your luck?” replied the lion.
So the mouse went over to the giraffe and started talking to her. Within five
minutes they’re out the door and into the night. The next day, the lion was drinking in the bar, when the mouse staggered in. The
mouse is completely worn out, and can hardly hold himself up. The lion helped his pal up on to a stool, poured a drink down his
throat and said, “What the hell happened to you? I saw you leave with the giraffe, what happened after that? Was she all right?”
The mouse replied, “Yeah, she was really something, we went out to dinner, had a couple of glasses of wine, and she invited me back
to her place to spend the night. And oh, man! I’ve never had a night like it!”
“But how come you look like you’re so exhausted?” asked the lion.
“Well” said the mouse, “between the kissing and the screwing, I must have run a thousand miles!”

Three couples, an elderly couple, a middle aged couple and a young
newlywed couple wanted to join a church.

The pastor says, “We have special requirements for new parishioners.
You must abstain from having sex for two weeks.”

The couples agreed and came back at the end of two weeks. The pastor
goes to the elderly couple and asks, “Were you able to abstain from sex
for the two weeks?”

The old man replies, “No problem at all, Pastor.”

“Congratulations! Welcome to the church.” said the pastor. The pastor
goes to the middle aged couple and asks, “Well, were you able to abstain
from sex for the two weeks?”

The man replied, “The first week was not too bad. The second week I
had to sleep on the couch for a couple of nights but, yes we made it.

Welcome to the church.” said the pastor. The pastor then goes to the
newlywed couple and asks, ‘Well, were you able to abstain from sex for
two weeks?”

“Well Pastor, we were not able to go without sex for the two weeks,”
the young man replied.

“What happened?” inquired the pastor.
“My wife was reaching for a can of corn on the top shelf and dropped it.
When she bent over to pick it up, I was over come with lust and took
advantage of her right there.”

“You understand of course, this means you will not be welcome in our
church,” stated the pastor.

“That’s OK.” said the young man, “We’re not welcome at Safeway anymore,

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