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I read last week how there are more than one million battered women in the United States each year. All these years I’ve been eating them raw.

Q: What did one Lesbian Frog say to the other?
A: Gee, we really do taste like chicken.

Two cuties were comparing notes concerning their latest boyfriends.

The first said, “He took me to his condo in Ocean City and showed me all these expensive jewels. There was an emerald-cut diamond of at least five carats, a tennis bracelet of six carats, and even a wrist watch with eleven carats.”

“Impressive.” said the second young thing.

“Well… yes.” the first agreed. “But the downside was that with all those carats, he expected me to behave like a rabbit.”

Q: How do you tell if you are in a gay church?
A: Only half the congregation is kneeling.

Q: What is the difference between a hobo and homo?
A: A hobo has no friends and a homo has friends up the ass.

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