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A gay man is in a bar, on all fours, trying to pick up some money he dropped.

A big bouncer says, “Hey, you! Move it or I’ll give you a foot up the ass!”

The gay man looks around and says, “I think you’re bragging, but I’m game if you are.”

Q: “Wanna play army?”
A: “I’ll lay down and you can blow the hell out of me!”

Q: What do you call a smiling Roman with pubic hair between his teeth?
A: Gladiator!

Three gays were discussing what they thought their favorite sport would be. The first decides on football, ’cause of all those gorgeous guys bending over in their tight pants.

“Definitely wrestling,” sighs the second guy. “Those skimpy little costumes, and think of the holds.”

“Definitely baseball,” says the third guy. “Why? Well, I’d be pitching with the bases loaded, the batter would hit a line drive right to me, I’d catch it, and I’d just stand there while the other guys rounded the bases. Meanwhile the crowd would be going crazy, screaming, ‘Throw the ball, you cocksucker!’ and that’s what I like – the recognition.”

Schick is walking down the boardwalk in Atlantic City, runs into a hooker,
and he says, “How much?”
She says, “Twenty bucks.”
He says, “All right.”
They climb down under the boardwalk, and he bangs her. The next night, he
runs into the same hooker, they go under the boardwalk, only this time
while he’s banging her, she blasts two incredible farts. When they get
done, he hands her twenty-FIVE dollars.
She says, “What the extra five?”
He says, “That’s for blowing the sand off my balls.”

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