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Q: How can you tell when Clinton is ready for battle [in Bosnia]?

A: He’s got his jogging suit on.

Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and Bill Clinton are sitting in a
helicopter and Bill starts to think. He sits there for about 15 minutes
and finally Hillary asks why he is looking so sad.
He says, “I just was wondering what I could do for the poor countries.”
“Well ” says Chelsea, “you could throw $100,000 out the window of the
helicopter. I’m sure that the poor will get some of it.”
He agrees that it’s a good idea and he does.
About 5 minutes later he starts thinking again.
Hillary asks “Why do you still look so sad? You just threw $100,000 out
the window of the helicopter. That helped a lot of poor people.”
He says “I still feel like I didn’t do enough.”
She says “Well, Bill, why don’t you throw another $100,000 out the
window? That should make a lot of people happy.”
Again he says it’s a good idea and he does.
A few moments later and again he looks unhappy and he says “I still
don’t think I’ve done enough.”
This time the helicopter pilot pipes up and says “Why don’t you throw
yourself out the goddamn window…that will make everyone in America happy.”

Q: Why has President Clinton taken to fooling around with younger women?
A: He got tired of jostling elders!

What are the three most difficult years in a bass players life?

second grade.

A Dr. was hurriedly going down the hallway when a nurse came rushing after him explaining that she needed his signature on a patients chart.

He reached into his pocket and was about to sign his name when he realized he was holding a rectal thermometer. “Damn!” he says to the nurse, “Some asshole has got my favorite pen!”

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