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Q: What kind of cat will keep your grass short?
A: A Lawn Meower.

Q: What is a cow’s favourite form of art?
A: Moo-saics!

Q: What noise wakes you up at the North Pole around March 18?

A: The crack of dawn!

A little boy squirrel and a little girl squirrel were chattering and playing around when up comes a fox. The girl squirrel dashed up a tree, but the boy squirrel stayed on the ground.
“That’s strange,” said the fox. “Usually squirrels are afraid of me and run to the nearest tree.”
“Listen, bud,” replied the boy squirrel. “Did you ever try to climb a tree when you were in love?”

Q: Why is the cat so grouchy?
A: Because he’s in a bad mewd.

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