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Q: Why did the hunter name his sled dog Frost?

A: Because Frost bites!

Q: What’s a balanced diet for a polar bear?
A: A seal in each paw!

Q: How do you smuggle an elephant across the border?
A: Put a slice of bread on each side, and call him “lunch”.

* you refer to going to the bathroom as “using the litterbox.”

* you do not consider an outfit complete without some cat hair.

* you consider cat hair in your food as extra fiber.

* you apologize when you step on a fuzzy cat toy in the dark.

* you snap your fingers and pat the sofa beside you to invite your guests to sit down.

* you sleep on one edge of the bed because the cat is sleeping in the middle looking soooo cute!

* you accidentally put your child’s dinner plate on the floor.

* you spend more money on toys for your cats than on the kids orgrandkids.

* you decorate your Christmas tree with dangly cat toys.

* your neighbors refer to you as “the crazy one with all the cats.”

* you have more pictures of your cats than your kids in your wallet.

* you refer to your cat as your furry child.

* your parents wind up with a four-footed, furry “grandchild.”

* you plan your vacation around the cat show schedule.

* you accidentally call your spouse by your cat’s name!

* you set a place at the dinner table for your cat.

* you have a set of towels with “His” “Hers” and “Kitty’s.”

* you call home and leave a message on the answering machinefor your cat.

* you have the cat meow on the outgoing message of the answeringmachine.

* you and kitty have matching outfits.

* your spouse says, “Me or the cat!,” and there’s no hesitation.

* you never go to the door unless it’s to let a cat out.

* your favorite friends have fleas.

* you chose a house to buy based on it having a good location forthe catbox.

* you think cat fur makes a wonderful garnish to any meal.

* you own 17 varieties of kitty-nail-clippers.

* you are lost for conversation with non-cat people.

* you meow so well, you confuse the cats.

* you bore the neighbors with discussions on the exact nutritional differences between 9-Lives and Amore…at length.

Q: What is a French cat’s favourite pudding?

A: Chocolate mousse!

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