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Q: How do you hire a teddy bear?
A: Put him on stilts!

Q: What did the polar bear cub say to its mother at mealtime?
A: “Aw, no! Not SEALS again!”

One day a bear was chasing a rabbit through the forest when they tripped over a genies lamp. the genie comes out and says hold it, hold it, hold it. If you two will just quit chasing each other for three minutes I’ll give you both three wishes. So they say okay that sounds fair. the genie says okay who’ll go first? the bear pushes the rabbit out of the way and says i’ll go first so the genie says okay. the bear goes i wish all the bears in the forest exept for me were girls. the genie snappes his fingers and says done. the rabbit says I wish I had a crash helmet. the bear goes well thats a dumb wish. but the rabbit says thats my wish.the genie snappes his fingers and says done. the bear says I wish every bear in the world exept me were girls. the genie goes thats a big wish it’ll count as two wishes. the bear goes o- okay i’ll do it.the rabbit has two wishes left so the rabbit says i wish for a motor scooter. then he gets on the scooter puts on his crash helmet and as he’s driving away he yells i wish the bear was gay.

It was so cold…
the Polar Bears were buying fur coats!

Q: Why is polar bear cheap to have as a pet?
A: It lives on ice!

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